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Let's work together to collect real world data points from real people.
It is really common: There is another new article, maybe in a popular magazine, that makes cost of living in a certain foreign city sound really low. The issue with that is that these budgets are often not realistic - for instance, housing cost often increases quickly in popular tourist and digital nomand destinations. In such scenarios, averages can be heavily skewed.
We can all use some inspiration to satisfy our FIRE hunger. Profiles showcase famous bloggers like Go Curry Crackers and Mr Money Mustache, who have not only talked the talk, but also walked the walk.
But more impotantly, these also include normal people like you and I - in fact, you can submit your own profile (entirely anonymously if you like, of course). See networth, budget, and some financial bio with minmal effort.
Tax loss harvesting
Geographic arbitrage
are quick summaries and important FIRE lessons in a byte-sized format. These can range from a TLDR of the "shockingly simple math behind early retirement" to the latest trends on COVID-based tax loss harvesting - without some of the filler content common in blogs.
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